Chapter 4. Managing Storage

Table of Contents

4.1. Storage Overview
4.2. Storage Types
4.2.1. Local Storage
4.2.2. Shared Network Attached Storage (NFS)
4.2.3. iSCSI Storage Attached Network
4.2.4. Fibre Channel Storage Attached Network
4.3. Storage Connect Plug-ins
4.3.1. Installing Storage Connect Plug-ins
4.4. Storage Repositories
4.5. Storage Configuration Guidelines
4.6. Preparing and Configuring Storage
4.6.1. Discovering File Servers
4.6.2. Handling Unmanaged Storage Arrays
4.6.3. Discovering SAN Servers
4.6.4. Using Local Storage
4.6.5. Removing Storage
4.7. Enabling Multipath I/O Support
4.8. Preparing and Configuring Storage Repositories
4.8.1. Creating a Storage Repository
4.8.2. Presenting or Unpresenting a Storage Repository
4.8.3. Editing a Storage Repository
4.8.4. Deleting a Storage Repository
4.8.5. Enabling Storage Repository Back Ups

To set up and configure the storage providers for your Oracle VM environment you need to be aware of the concepts and design ideas behind the entire storage architecture. That is precisely the information provided in the first topics of this chapter. Next, you will find the necessary instructions to prepare, configure and start using storage elements with Oracle VM.

For information on managing and working with the contents of a storage repository, such as virtual machine templates, ISO files, assemblies, and so on, see Section 7.5, “Virtual Machine Resources”.