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Constant Field Values



public static final int NO_REQ_SUPPORT 2
public static final int NOT_100rel 4
public static final int NOT_1XX 0
public static final int NOT_INVITE 1
public static final int NOT_SUPPORTED 3

public static final java.lang.String OUTBOUND_INTERFACES "javax.servlet.sip.outboundInterfaces"
public static final java.lang.String PRACK_SUPPORTED "javax.servlet.sip.100rel"
public static final java.lang.String SIP_FACTORY "javax.servlet.sip.SipFactory"
public static final java.lang.String SIP_SESSIONS_UTIL "javax.servlet.sip.SipSessionsUtil"
public static final java.lang.String SUPPORTED "javax.servlet.sip.supported"
public static final java.lang.String SUPPORTED_RFCs "javax.servlet.sip.supportedRfcs"
public static final java.lang.String TIMER_SERVICE "javax.servlet.sip.TimerService"

public static final int SC_ACCEPTED 202
public static final int SC_ADDRESS_INCOMPLETE 484
public static final int SC_ALTERNATIVE_SERVICE 380
public static final int SC_AMBIGUOUS 485
public static final int SC_BAD_EVENT 489
public static final int SC_BAD_EXTENSION 420
public static final int SC_BAD_GATEWAY 502
public static final int SC_BAD_IDENTITY_INFO 436
public static final int SC_BAD_REQUEST 400
public static final int SC_BUSY_EVERYWHERE 600
public static final int SC_BUSY_HERE 486
public static final int SC_CALL_BEING_FORWARDED 181
public static final int SC_CALL_LEG_DONE 481
public static final int SC_CALL_QUEUED 182
public static final int SC_CONDITIONAL_REQUEST_FAILED 412
public static final int SC_DECLINE 603
public static final int SC_DOES_NOT_EXIT_ANYWHERE 604
public static final int SC_EXTENSION_REQUIRED 421
public static final int SC_FORBIDDEN 403
public static final int SC_GONE 410
public static final int SC_INTERVAL_TOO_BRIEF 423
public static final int SC_INVALID_IDENTITY_HEADER 438
public static final int SC_LOOP_DETECTED 482
public static final int SC_MESSAGE_TOO_LARGE 513
public static final int SC_METHOD_NOT_ALLOWED 405
public static final int SC_MOVED_PERMANENTLY 301
public static final int SC_MOVED_TEMPORARILY 302
public static final int SC_MULTIPLE_CHOICES 300
public static final int SC_NOT_ACCEPTABLE 406
public static final int SC_NOT_ACCEPTABLE_ANYWHERE 606
public static final int SC_NOT_ACCEPTABLE_HERE 488
public static final int SC_NOT_FOUND 404
public static final int SC_NOT_IMPLEMENTED 501
public static final int SC_OK 200
public static final int SC_PAYMENT_REQUIRED 402
public static final int SC_PRECONDITION_FAILURE 580
public static final int SC_PROVIDE_REFERER_IDENTITY 429
public static final int SC_PROXY_AUTHENTICATION_REQUIRED 407
public static final int SC_REQUEST_ENTITY_TOO_LARGE 413
public static final int SC_REQUEST_PENDING 491
public static final int SC_REQUEST_TERMINATED 487
public static final int SC_REQUEST_TIMEOUT 408
public static final int SC_REQUEST_URI_TOO_LONG 414
public static final int SC_RINGING 180
public static final int SC_SECURITY_AGREEMENT_REQUIRED 494
public static final int SC_SERVER_INTERNAL_ERROR 500
public static final int SC_SERVER_TIMEOUT 504
public static final int SC_SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE 503
public static final int SC_SESSION_INTERVAL_TOO_SMALL 422
public static final int SC_SESSION_PROGRESS 183
public static final int SC_TEMPORARLY_UNAVAILABLE 480
public static final int SC_TOO_MANY_HOPS 483
public static final int SC_TRYING 100
public static final int SC_UNAUTHORIZED 401
public static final int SC_UNDECIPHERABLE 493
public static final int SC_UNSUPPORTED_CERTIFICATE 437
public static final int SC_UNSUPPORTED_MEDIA_TYPE 415
public static final int SC_UNSUPPORTED_URI_SCHEME 416
public static final int SC_USE_IDENTITY_HEADER 428
public static final int SC_USE_PROXY 305
public static final int SC_VERSION_NOT_SUPPORTED 505

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Java SIP Servlet API 1.1 Reference

Part Number E17883-01