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Interface SipServletListener

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public interface SipServletListener
extends java.util.EventListener

Containers are required to invoke init() on the servlets before the servlets are ready for service. The servlet can only be used after succesful initialization. Since SIP is a peer-to-peer protocol and some servlets may act as UACs, the container is required to let the servlet know when it is succesfully initialized by invoking SipServletListener.

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Method Summary
 void servletInitialized(SipServletContextEvent ce)
          Notification that the servlet was succesfully initialized


Method Detail


void servletInitialized(SipServletContextEvent ce)
Notification that the servlet was succesfully initialized
ce - event identifying the initialized servlet and associated context

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Java SIP Servlet API 1.1 Reference

Part Number E17883-01