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Package org.identityconnectors.common.script

Scripting support in ICF.


Interface Summary
ScriptExecutor Represents a (possibly compiled) script.


Class Summary
Script Represents a script in a scripting language.
ScriptBuilder Builder for Script.
ScriptExecutorFactory Abstraction for finding script executors to allow us to invoke scripts from java.


Package org.identityconnectors.common.script Description

Scripting support in ICF. Connector Developer can support script execution by implementing org.identityconnectors.framework.spi.operations.ScriptOnConnectorOp, org.identityconnectors.framework.spi.operations.ScriptOnResourceOp interfaces to provide the users with easy way of extending connectors functionality, see these interfaces for more information.

ICF also supports script execution by implementing the org.identityconnectors.common.script.ScriptExecutor interface. This way ICF can execute certain type of scripts, even the script execution is not implemented in the connector.

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