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Interface ScriptOnConnectorOp

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public interface ScriptOnConnectorOp
extends SPIOperation

Operation that runs a script in the environment of the connector. (Compare to ScriptOnResourceOp, which runs a script on the target resource that the connector manages.) A connector that intends to provide to scripts more than is required by the basic contract specified in the javadoc for ScriptOnConnectorApiOp should implement this interface.

Each connector that implements this interface must support at least the behavior specified by ScriptOnConnectorApiOp. A connector also may expose additional variables for use by scripts and may respond to specific options. Each connector that implements this interface must describe in its javadoc as available "for use by connector scripts" any such additional variables or supported options.

NOTE: It will be fairly typical for connectors to not need to implement this method. Connectors may still expose features for a script to use simply by having a method public. Those methods that are intended for a script to be used should be documented as "for use by connector scripts". Otherwise script authors should not assume that the method is safe to be called from a script.

Method Summary
 java.lang.Object runScriptOnConnector(ScriptContext request, OperationOptions options)
          Runs the script request.


Method Detail


java.lang.Object runScriptOnConnector(ScriptContext request,
                                      OperationOptions options)
Runs the script request.
request - The script and arguments to run.
options - Additional options that control how the script is run.
The result of the script. The return type must be a type that the framework supports for serialization. See ObjectSerializerFactory for a list of supported types.

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