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Interface ScriptOnConnectorApiOp

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public interface ScriptOnConnectorApiOp
extends APIOperation

Runs a script in the same JVM or .Net Runtime as the Connector. That is, if you are using a local framework, the script will be run in your JVM. If you are connected to a remote framework, the script will be run in the remote JVM or .Net Runtime.

This API allows an application to run a script in the context of any connector. (A connector need not implement any particular interface in order to enable this.) The minimum contract to which each connector must adhere is as follows:

  1. Script will run in the same classloader/execution environment as the connector, so the script will have access to all the classes to which the connector has access.
  2. Script will have access to a "connector" variable that is equivalent to an initialized instance of a connector. Thus, at a minimum the script will be able to access the configuration of the connector.
  3. Script will have access to any script-arguments passed in by the application.

A connector that implements ScriptOnConnectorOp may provide more variables than what is described above. A connector also may perform special processing for OperationOptions specific to that connector. Consult the javadoc of each particular connector to find out what additional capabilities, if any, that connector exposes for use in scripts.

NOTE: A caller who wants to execute scripts on a connector should assume that a script must not use any method of the connector beyond the minimum contract described above, unless the connector explicitly documents that method as "for use by connector script". The primary function of a connector is to implement the SPI in the context of the Connector framework. In general, no caller should invoke Connector methods directly --whether by a script or by other means.

Field Summary


Fields inherited from interface org.identityconnectors.framework.api.operations.APIOperation


Method Summary
 java.lang.Object runScriptOnConnector(ScriptContext request, OperationOptions options)
          Runs the script.


Method Detail


java.lang.Object runScriptOnConnector(ScriptContext request,
                                      OperationOptions options)
Runs the script.
request - - The script and arguments to run.
options - - Additional options that control how the script is run. The framework does not currently recognize any options but specific connectors might. Consult the documentation for each connector to identify supported options.
The result of the script. The return type must be a type that the framework supports for serialization.
See Also:
for a list of supported return types.

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