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Interface SchemaOp

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public interface SchemaOp
extends SPIOperation

Implement this interface to allow the Connector to describe which types of objects the Connector manages on the target resource (and which operations and which options the Connector supports for each type of object).

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Method Summary
 Schema schema()
          Describes the types of objects this Connector supports.


Method Detail


Schema schema()
Describes the types of objects this Connector supports. This method is considered an operation since determining supported objects may require configuration information and allows this determination to be dynamic.

The special Uid attribute should never appear in the schema, as it is not a true attribute of an object, rather a reference to it. If your resource object-class has a writable unique id attribute that is different than its Name, then your schema should contain a resource-specific attribute that represents this unique id. For example, a Unix account object might contain unix_uid.

basic schema supported by this Connector.

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