1 Introduction to Migrating AIA 2.4 and 2.5 Artifacts to Foundation Pack 11g Release 1

This guide provides details about the overall migration strategy, process, and utilities used to migrate from Oracle Application Integration Architecture (AIA) 2.4 and 2.5, built on Oracle Fusion Middleware 10g, to AIA 11g Release 1, built on Fusion Middleware 11g Release 1.

The migration involves upgrades at various levels, from individual services to server environments. AIA 2.4 and 2.5 installations based on Oracle Fusion Middleware 10g use BPEL and Enterprise Service Bus, as well as Oracle Fusion Middleware's Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) components.


Migrate all the services in AIA 2.4 or 2.5 to AIA 11g R1. AIA does not support services that are migrated and deployed on AIA 11g R1 to make call to the AIA 2.5 or AIA 2.4 services. The services that are migrated cannot have references to AIA 2.4 or AIA 2.5 services.

Migration to Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g-based AIA Foundation Pack 11g Release 1 installation requires completion of the tasks covered in this guide.

We discuss how to migrate two AIA offerings: Foundation Pack, and Process Integration Packs (PIPs).

This chapter includes the following sections:

1.1 Overview of Migration Tasks for Custom Process Integrations Built Using Foundation Pack

To migrate custom process integrations built using Foundation Pack, refer to the following set of tasks and links.

  1. Chapter 2, "Preparing to Migrate AIA Artifacts to AIA 11g Release 1"

    Guides you through the environment setup and prerequisite steps prior to performing the migration.

  2. Chapter 3, "Migrating Enterprise Object Library Customizations"

    Discusses how to migrate extended Enterprise Business Object (EBO) schema modules to AIA 11g Release 1.

  3. Chapter 4, "Migrating New Enterprise Business Objects"

    Discusses how to migrate new EBOs that you may have built.

  4. Chapter 5, "Migrating New Enterprise Business Service Definitions"

    Discusses how to migrate abstract Enterprise Business Service (EBS) WSDL definitions.

  5. Chapter 6, "Migrating Domain Value Map and Cross-Reference Metadata"

    Discusses how to migrate domain value map (DVM) and cross-reference schema definitions.

  6. Chapter 7, "Migrating Services"

    Discusses how to migrate adapter services, requester Application Business Connector Services (ABCSs), provider ABCSs, and EBSs.

  7. Chapter 9, "Migrating Routing Rules"

    Discusses how to migrate custom routing rules.

  8. Chapter 10, "Migrating and Configuring Error Handling Artifacts"

    Discusses how to migrate fault policies, custom handlers, and subscribers. Also discusses other aspects of configuring error handling in 11g.

  9. Chapter 11, "Migrating Composite Application Validation System Definitions"

  10. Chapter 12, "Making Migrated Services Deployable"

    Discusses how to annotate services, include them in the AIA project lifecycle, and deploy them.

  11. Chapter 13, "Migrating AIA 2.4 and 2.5 Business Service Repository Artifacts to Oracle Enterprise Repository Artifacts"

    Discusses how to harvest and migrate Business Service Repository content to Oracle Enterprise Repository.

  12. Chapter 14, "Migrating Actual Domain Value Map and Cross-Reference Data"

    Discusses how to migrate actual DVM and cross-reference data.

  13. Chapter 15, "Migrating to an AIA 11g Release 1 Production Environment"

  14. Chapter 16, "Migrating ODI Flows from AIA Foundation Pack 2.4 and 2.5 to AIA Foundation Pack 11g Release 1"

    Discusses how to migrate ODI flows, if applicable.

1.2 Overview of Process Integration Pack Extension Migration Tasks


This section applies to customers who have licensed an AIA-delivered Foundation Pack 11g Release 1-based PIP. Customers should not migrate any AIA-delivered 2.4 or 2.5 PIPs.

PIP customers should complete the following tasks to migrate only the extensions made to AIA-delivered PIPs.

Extensions include any of the modifications:

  • Adding extension services to delivered ABCSs.

  • Adding new ABCSs.

  • Adding new EBOs.

  • Adding new EBSs.

  • Extending the delivered Business Service Objects.

  • Adding or modifying DVM metadata and actual data.

  • Adding or modifying the cross-reference metadata and actual data.

  • Adding or modifying the routing rules.

Prior to performing the PIP extension migration, you must:

  1. Catalog all of your extensions and customizations to the 10g-based 2.4 or 2.5 PIP. Review AIA-delivered Foundation Pack 11g Release 1-based PIP functionality and documentation to determine which 10g-based extensions and customizations you will need to migrate.

  2. Install WebLogic Server.

  3. Install Oracle SOA Suite.

  4. Install Foundation Pack 11g Release 1.

  5. Install the AIA-delivered Foundation Pack 11g Release 1-based PIP.

Table 1-1 will guide you through the tasks and documentation required for your migration.

Table 1-1 PIP Extension Migration Tasks

Task Instructions

1. Set up the environment.

Perform tasks in Chapter 2, "Preparing to Migrate AIA Artifacts to AIA 11g Release 1."

2. Have you extended the Enterprise Object Library?

3. Have you built your own Enterprise Business Objects?

4. Have you built custom Enterprise Business Service definitions?

5. Have you built your own X-refs and DVMs metadata?

6. Have you extended the Oracle delivered PIPs?

  • Adding additional Application Business Connector Services?

  • Adding additional ABCS to implement new integration flows?

7. Have you built your own custom Adapter Services or Enterprise Business Services using Foundation Pack?

8. Have you extended PIP ABCSs using delivered extension hooks?

9. Have you extended any delivered routing rules?

10. Have you defined custom fault policies or developed custom error handlers or customized the AIA delivered AIA Error Handling framework?

11. Have you extended any delivered CAVS definitions?

12. Do you need to migrate any custom-built content (EBO, EBM, ABCS, EBS, composites) from the Business Service Repository to Oracle Enterprise Repository?

13. Do you have additional custom DVM and cross-reference values on top of the Oracle seeded values?

14. Migrate to an AIA 11g Production Environment

Perform tasks in Chapter 15, "Migrating to an AIA 11g Release 1 Production Environment."

15. Any ODI flows?

Yes: Perform tasks in Chapter 16, "Migrating ODI Flows from AIA Foundation Pack 2.4 and 2.5 to AIA Foundation Pack 11g Release 1."