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Oracle Solaris Cluster Data Services Planning and Administration Guide     Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.1
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1.  Planning for Oracle Solaris Cluster Data Services

Configuration Guidelines for Oracle Solaris Cluster Data Services

Identifying Data Service Special Requirements

Determining the Location of the Application Binaries

Verifying the nsswitch.conf File Contents

Planning the Cluster File System Configuration

Enabling Oracle Solaris SMF Services to Run Under the Control of Oracle Solaris Cluster

Relationship Between Resource Groups and Device Groups

Understanding HAStoragePlus

Determining Whether Your Data Service Requires HAStoragePlus

Data Services With Nodes That Are Not Directly Connected to Storage

Data Services That Are Disk Intensive

Considerations for Installing and Configuring a Data Service

Overview of the Installation and Configuration Process

Installation and Configuration Task Flow

Example of Configuring a Failover Data Service

Tools for Data Service Resource Administration

clsetup Utility

Oracle Solaris Cluster Maintenance Commands

Summary by Task of Tools for Administering Data Service Resources

Standard Properties

Cluster Properties

Resource Type Properties

Resource Properties

Resource Group Properties

Resource Property Attributes

Node List Properties

Legal RGM Names

RGM Legal Names

Rules for Names Except Resource Type Names

Format of Resource Type Names

RGM Values

2.  Administering Data Service Resources


Chapter 1

Planning for Oracle Solaris Cluster Data Services

This chapter provides planning information and guidelines to install and configure Oracle Solaris Cluster data services. This chapter contains the following sections.

For introductory information about data services, see Oracle Solaris Cluster Concepts Guide.

Oracle Solaris Cluster software can provide service only for those data services that are either supplied with the Oracle Solaris Cluster product or are created with the Oracle Solaris Cluster data services application programming interfaces (APIs).

If an Oracle Solaris Cluster data service is not provided for your application, consider developing a custom data service for the application. To develop a custom data service, use the Oracle Solaris Cluster data services APIs. For more information, see Oracle Solaris Cluster Data Services Developer’s Guide.

Note - Oracle Solaris Cluster does not provide a data service for the sendmail(1M) subsystem. The sendmail subsystem can run on the individual cluster nodes, but the sendmail functionality is not highly available. This restriction applies to all the sendmail functionality, including the functionality of mail delivery and mail routing, queuing, and retry.