1 Installation Overview

This chapter lists the products that you can install with the WebLogic Server installation program. It also includes the WebLogic Server installation roadmap.

Installable Products

You can install the following products using the Oracle WebLogic Server installer:

  • WebLogic Server and optional sub-components

  • Oracle Coherence and optional sub-components

To get started with the installation, refer to Installation Roadmap.

Installation Roadmap

Table 1-1 describes the high-level tasks that are required to install WebLogic Server, and the optional Coherence product.

Table 1-1 Tasks WebLogic Server Product Installation Procedure

Task Description Documentation

Step 1 - Obtain the appropriate installation file for your platform

If you ordered a WebLogic Server kit, it includes a DVD for installation. Otherwise, there are several ways for you to download the software. The installer you use depends on your platform and the products you want to install.

For information about the types of installers that are available, see Types of Installers.

For information about how to download the software, see Product Distribution.

Step 2 - Complete the installation planning requirements

Ensure that your system environment meets the requirements for the installation. Also determine your Oracle Middleware home directory, and product installation home directories.

For installation requirements, see Installation Prerequisites.

For information about installation home directories, see Selecting Directories for Installation.

Step 3 - Determine the appropriate installation mode for your situation

There are three installation modes: graphical mode, console mode, or silent mode.

See Installation Modes.

Step 4 - Determine the type of installation

There are two types of installation Typical or Custom. The type of installation depends on the products and sub-components you want to install.

For information about the installation types, see Choosing the Type of Installation.

For information about each product and component, see Installable Product Components.

Step 5 - Install the software

Run the installation program in the desired installation mode. In each installation mode, you have the option to create a detailed installation log.

For instructions on how to create a detailed installation log, see Generating a Verbose Installation Log.

For installation instructions, see the following chapter that is appropriate for the installation mode you want to use:

Step 6 - Create a WebLogic domain

Use the Fusion Middleware Configuration Wizard, WebLogic Scripting Tool, or the unpack command to create a WebLogic domain.

See Creating a WebLogic Domain.