Annotation Type ConfigurationGroup

public @interface ConfigurationGroup

Specifies a grouping of configuration properties.

There are two ways of adding configuration properties to a ConfigurationGroup:

  1. Specify the configuration property names in propertyOrder().
  2. Specify the configuration group's name in the BooleanProperty.configGroup(), DoubleProperty.configGroup(), IntegerProperty.configGroup(), or StringProperty.configGroup() annotation parameter on the configuration property field.
A configuration property can be added to at most one configuration group. Configuration properties that are not part of any configuration groups are automatically added to a configuration group with an empty name.

See Also:
BooleanProperty.configGroup(), DoubleProperty.configGroup(), IntegerProperty.configGroup(), StringProperty.configGroup()

Optional Element Summary
 String groupName
          The name of the ConfigurationGroup.
 String[] propertyOrder
          An ordered list of configuration properties in the ConfigurationGroup.


public abstract String groupName
The name of the ConfigurationGroup. This name must be unique within the scope of an enclosing ConfigurationGroupOrder.



public abstract String[] propertyOrder
An ordered list of configuration properties in the ConfigurationGroup. Any configuration properties in the ConfigurationGroup not included in this list are appended in sorted order based on configuration property name.


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