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Oracle® Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Getting Started with Oracle Fusion Middleware Management
12c Release 1 (

Part Number E24215-02
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Part I Managing Oracle Fusion Middleware

1 Introduction to Middleware Management

2 Discovering Middleware Targets

3 Monitoring Middleware Targets

4 Testing Application Load and Performance

Part II Managing Oracle SOA

5 Overview of Oracle SOA Management

6 Discovering and Monitoring Oracle BPEL Process Manager

7 Discovering and Monitoring Oracle Service Bus

8 Discovering and Monitoring the SOA Suite

Part III Using JVM Diagnostics

9 Introduction to JVM Diagnostics

10 Using JVM Diagnostics

11 Troubleshooting JVM Diagnostics

Part IV Managing Oracle Coherence

12 Getting Started with the Oracle Coherence Management Pack

13 Monitoring a Coherence Cluster

Part V Using Application Dependency and Performance

14 Introduction to Application Dependency and Performance

15 Exploring Application Dependency and Performance

16 Exporting Data

17 ADP Methodology

18 Troubleshooting Application Dependency and Performance

A ADP Configuration Directories and Files

B Support Matrix for Application Dependency and Performance