10.4. Session Type Components

10.4.1. Session Descriptor
10.4.2. Session Script

A session type is a collection of scripts and files used to deliver a kiosk session to a user, such as the pre-defined Sun Ray Connector for Windows OS session type. Each session type has a session descriptor and a session script, which are located in the /etc/opt/SUNWkio/sessions directory.

10.4.1. Session Descriptor

The session descriptor defines a number of attributes useful for the administration and launching of the session. Table 10.1, “Kiosk Session Descriptors” provides the list of key session descriptors.

Table 10.1. Kiosk Session Descriptors

Kiosk Session Descriptors

Descriptor Description


Identifies the location of the session script.



Identify a label and description respectively to be used by the Admin GUI.


Identifies default session script arguments.

10.4.2. Session Script

The session script is used to launch the session type, and it is usually a simple wrapper of an executable.

Both uttsc and specific session type arguments are accepted by session scripts, and you can specify them through the Admin GUI when configuring the session type. Any uttsc arguments are simply passed directly to the Windows connector and not processed by the session script. Other arguments specific to the session type are processed by the session script. Each kiosk session type supports a different set of arguments.