Chapter 10. Kiosk Mode

Table of Contents

10.1. Kiosk Overview
10.2. Kiosk Mode Security and Failover Considerations
10.3. Kiosk User Accounts
10.3.1. Characteristics
10.3.2. Restrictions and Safe Guards
10.3.3. Administering the Kiosk User Pool
10.4. Session Type Components
10.4.1. Session Descriptor
10.4.2. Session Script
10.5. How to Configure Kiosk Mode and User Accounts
10.6. How to Add Kiosk User Accounts
10.7. How to Configure a Kiosk Mode Session Type
10.8. How to Enable and Disable Kiosk Mode
10.8.1. Unconfiguring Kiosk Mode Disables Kiosk Policy
10.9. How to Override the Default Kiosk Mode Policy
10.10. Configuring the Windows Connector Kiosk Session Type
10.10.1. How to Configure a Kiosk Mode Session Type for the Windows Connector
10.11. Configuring the VMware View Connector Kiosk Session Type

This chapter describes the kiosk mode functionality provided by the Sun Ray Software.