5.6. User Fields in the Sun Ray Data Store

The Sun Ray data store is a private data store service used for access to Sun Ray Software administration and configuration data. The data store is useful for maintaining consistency across failover groups.

Table 5.3, “Sun Ray Data Store User Fields” describes the user fields in the Sun Ray data store.

Table 5.3. Sun Ray Data Store User Fields



Token ID

User's unique token type and ID. For smart cards, this value is a manufacturer type and the card's serial ID. For clients, this value is the type "pseudo" and the client's Ethernet address. Examples: mondex.9998007668077709 pseudo.080020861234

Server Name

Name of the Sun Ray server that the user is using. This setting is optional.

Server Port

Sun Ray server's communication port. This field should generally be set to 7007. This setting is optional.

User Name

User's name.

Other Info

Any additional information you want to associate with the user, for example, an employee or department number. This setting is optional.