Chapter 5. Sun Ray Server and Networking

Table of Contents

5.1. Log Files
5.2. How to Start or Stop Sun Ray Services
5.2.1. How to Stop Sun Ray Services
5.2.2. How to Start Sun Ray Services (Warm Restart)
5.2.3. How to Start Sun Ray Services (Cold Restart)
5.3. How to Check and Fix Corrupted Configuration Files (Oracle Solaris 10)
5.4. How to Unconfigure a Sun Ray Server
5.5. How to Disconnect a Sun Ray Server From the Interconnect
5.6. User Fields in the Sun Ray Data Store
5.7. Network Troubleshooting
5.7.1. Network Load
5.7.2. The utcapture Utility
5.7.3. utcapture Examples
5.7.4. The utquery Command

This chapter provides information about administering the Sun Ray server, including log files and managing Sun Ray services. Network troubleshooting information is also provided.