17.18. uttsc Error Messages

17.18.1. General Troubleshooting

Table 17.12, “uttsc Error Messages” provides the list of uttsc error messages.

Table 17.12. uttsc Error Messages



Error (%d): Unable to establish data store connection.

The Windows connector was unable to open a connection to the Sun Ray data store. Ensure that the Sun Ray data store has been configured for Sun Ray software and is reachable. Also, ensure that the Windows connector has been successfully configured before launching it.

Error(%d): Unable to determine SRSS version.

The Windows connector could not determine the Sun Ray Software version information. Ensure that the correct version is installed and configured successfully.

Error(%d): Unable to launch Sun Ray Connector. Only SRSS x.x and above are supported.

Ensure that the correct version of Sun Ray Software is installed.

Sun Ray session is not connected, please try again.

Ensure that the Windows connector is being launched from a valid connected Sun Ray session.

Cannot obtain client MAC address.

The Windows connector was unable to contact the Sun Ray Authentication Manager to retrieve the client's MAC address. Ensure that this daemon is reachable.

Error: Sun Ray Token ID cannot be determined. Sun Ray Connector can only be launched from a Sun Ray session.

The Windows connector was launched from a non-Sun Ray session (for example, telnet or console). It can only be launched from a connected client session.

Unable to create new audio device. Using default audio device.

utaudio failed to create a new audio device. Check the messages logged by utaudio for more information. The Windows connector will try to use the default audio device for the session.

Device device_name is not allocated. Audio will not work in this session. Continuing..

On Oracle Solaris Trusted Extensions platforms, if the default audio device is not allocated, then the Windows connector will not be able to use any new audio device or the default audio device. In this case, the Windows connector session will proceed but without audio support.

Warning. Printer preferences will not be stored. Please run utconfig -c to complete configuration before launching Sun Ray Connector.

If utconfig -c has not been run before the Windows connector is launched, the printer preferences as sent by the Windows system will not be stored and hence cannot later be reused. This error is not fatal. The session will continue to be launched.

Unable to connect to Sun Ray Connector Proxy. Please ensure utconfig -c has been run before launching the Windows connector.

Make sure the proxy daemon (uttscpd) is up and running. If the Windows connector is launched before utconfig -c has been run to configure it, then the Windows connector proxy is not reachable. This message occurs only on Oracle Solaris systems.

Unable to launch Sun Ray Connector.

Please ensure utconfig has been run before launching the Sun Ray Connector.

If the Windows connector is launched without having configured Sun Ray data store using utconfig (from Sun Ray Software), then the connector cannot be used.

17.18.1. General Troubleshooting Problem: Unexpected Time Zone Value

uttsc only considers time zones listed in /usr/share/lib/zoneinfo/tab/zone_sun.tab (for Oracle Solaris) and /usr/share/zoneinfo/zone.tab (for Oracle Linux), as valid zones that can be converted into the equivalent time zones in the Windows session. If the time zone is set to a value other than those defined in these files, then the time zone value in the Windows session can be unexpected.