Chapter 18. VMware View Connector

Table of Contents

18.1. VMware View Connector Overview
18.2. Requirements
18.3. Configuring the VMware View Environment
18.3.1. How to Disable Secure Tunnel Connections to View Desktops
18.3.2. How to Enable Non-SSL Connections to the View Connection Server
18.3.3. How to Enable SSL Connections to the View Connection Server
18.4. Configuring the VMware View Connector Kiosk Session Type
18.4.1. How to Configure a Kiosk Mode Session Type for the VMware View Connector
18.5. VMware View Connector Troubleshooting
18.5.1. Error Messages
18.5.2. Desktop tries to open, but immediately disconnects

This chapter describes how to configure the VMware View connector, so desktop users can connect to their Windows virtual desktops provided through the VMware View Manager.