18.4. Configuring the VMware View Connector Kiosk Session Type

18.4.1. How to Configure a Kiosk Mode Session Type for the VMware View Connector

The following steps describe how to configure the VMware View connector, which is provided as a pre-defined kiosk session type.

To set up the VMware View environment for Sun Ray Software, see Section 18.3, “Configuring the VMware View Environment”.

For more information about configuring kiosk mode, see Chapter 10, Kiosk Mode.

18.4.1. How to Configure a Kiosk Mode Session Type for the VMware View Connector

  1. Log in to the Admin GUI.

  2. Click the Advanced tab and Kiosk Mode sub-tab. Then click Edit.

  3. Choose VMware View Manager Session from the Session (Session Type) menu.

  4. Modify the session parameters.

  5. Add session arguments to the Arguments field at the bottom in the format:

    [session-type-arguments] [-- uttsc-arguments]

    See Table 18.1, “Kiosk Session Arguments for VMware View Connector” for the list of valid session arguments.

    Table 18.1. Kiosk Session Arguments for VMware View Connector



    -s server

    VMware View Connection Server hostname.


    Use SSL connection to VMware View Connection Server (default).


    Do not use SSL connection to VMware View Connection Server.

    -p port-number

    VMware View Connection Server port number.

    -t seconds

    If no smart card is used, the length of inactivity before the user is automatically logged out of the desktop selection dialog. Default value is 3 minutes.


    Users are automatically forwarded to their desktop if there is only one desktop. This flag disables this behavior.

    -d domain

    This domain name will be preselected in the login screen, if available.

    -- uttsc-arguments

    Specify any valid uttsc arguments. For detailed information on these options, refer to the uttsc man page.


    The Sun Ray Software is capable of supporting Windows Network Level Authentication (NLA), but VMware View does not support NLA on non-Windows based View clients. You must use the standard RDP authentication with VMware View. To configure RDP authentication, enable RDP authentication on the guest OS and add the -N off option to the uttsc arguments field.

  6. Configure the server to use kiosk mode for card and non-card users.

    1. Click the System Policy sub-tab on the Advanced menu.

    2. Enable Kiosk Mode for both card and non-card users.

  7. Click Save.

All new or restarted sessions matching the policy configuration to use kiosk mode will access the new session type.