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Release Notes for 3.2

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November 2015


The Oracle VM Release 3.2 documentation set includes information on Release 3.2, which is the initial release of Oracle VM Release 3.2. This documentation set should also be used for any future 3.2.x releases. Use this documentation set in addition to any README files included with the 3.2.x patch updates.

3.2.x patch updates can be downloaded from

This document contains information on Oracle VM Release 3.2 and supersedes the product documentation. This document contains last-minute information that could not be included the Oracle VM documentation. Read this document before installing Oracle VM. This document may be updated after it is released. To check for updates to this document, and to view other Oracle documentation, refer to the Documentation section on the Oracle Technology Network (OTN) Web site:

This document is intended for users, and administrators of Oracle VM. It includes a brief introduction of the product, and describes potential issues and the corresponding workarounds you may encounter while using Oracle VM.

Oracle recommends that you read this document before installing and using Oracle VM.

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Table of Contents

1 Introduction
2 What's New in Oracle VM?
2.1 What's New in Oracle VM Release 3.2?
2.2 What's New in Oracle VM 3.1.1?
2.3 What's New in Oracle VM 3.0.3?
2.4 What's New in Oracle VM 3.0.2?
3 Notable Bug Fixes
3.1 Bug Fixes in Oracle VM Release 3.2.1
3.2 Bug Fixes in Oracle VM 3.1.1
3.3 Bug Fixes in Oracle VM 3.0.3
4 Supported Guest Operating Systems
4.1 Oracle VM Server for x86 Supported Guest Operating Systems
4.2 Oracle VM Server for SPARC Supported Guest Operating Systems
5 Storage Connect Plug-ins
6 Configuration Limits
7 Using Oracle VM Server for SPARC with Oracle VM Manager
8 Known Limitations and Workarounds
8.1 Oracle VM Manager User Interface
8.2 Oracle VM Servers and Server Pools
8.3 Virtual Machines
8.4 Networks
8.5 Storage
8.6 Miscellaneous
9 Upgrading Oracle VM