9 Upgrading Oracle VM

Oracle VM Release 3.x is not backwardly compatible with previous Oracle VM releases. If you are using Oracle VM Release 2.x you cannot upgrade to Release 3.2. You must reinstall your Oracle VM Servers and Oracle VM Manager. You can however upgrade between Oracle VM 3.x releases, for example, upgrading from Oracle VM Release 3.0.3 to Release 3.2. See the Oracle VM Installation and Upgrade Guide for information on upgrading between Oracle VM 3.x releases.

Upgrading versions of Oracle VM Manager that are using an Oracle XE database as a backend repository is not supported in this release, as the Oracle XE database is no longer supported under Oracle VM. If you are currently running an Oracle XE database for an existing installation of Oracle VM Manager, you must migrate the Oracle XE database to Oracle SE or Oracle EE before performing an upgrade to Release 3.2.

Oracle VM Server Release 3.1.1 installs the sudo package by default. This package is no longer a dependency for Oracle VM Server Release 3.2. If you do not require this package, you can remove it. If you would like to continue to use it, you may also want to install the ovs-support-tools package. Instructions are provided in Oracle VM Installation and Upgrade Guide.