3 Notable Bug Fixes

3.1 Bug Fixes in Oracle VM Release 3.2.1
3.2 Bug Fixes in Oracle VM 3.1.1
3.3 Bug Fixes in Oracle VM 3.0.3

This section discusses any notable bug fixes in Oracle VM. There are many other bugs that are fixed in this release; this section highlights the more notable ones. This information is useful to users who have used previous releases of Oracle VM.

3.1 Bug Fixes in Oracle VM Release 3.2.1

The following notable bugs are fixed in Oracle VM Release 3.2.1:

  • Fixes the issue where during server discovery, Oracle VM attempted to discover all file server mounts even if the server was not in the file server's admin server list. (14573204)

  • Improves the handling of slave ports with differing MTU settings during bond creation. (13929346)

  • Adds check for network port value, prevents a null pointer exception from being thrown. (14653155)

  • Fixes the "Object Not Found" issue when hitting the Escape button in the VLAN dialog box. (15827079)

  • Adds support for dynamically changing the cluster store cache size. The default cache size is now 150K. (15850684)

  • Fixes the issue where the latest update of Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 7, 8 and 9 failure to connect to Oracle VM Manager over HTTPS [1] . (14754924)

  • Fixes the issues where closing the browser leaves open jobs in Oracle VM Manager in a bad state. (15838028)

  • Removes unnecessary locks when creating VNICs in a multi-threaded operation. (14054156)

  • Fixes the issue when discovering a virtual machine that has disks in a undiscovered repository or has undiscovered physical disks. (14104117)

  • Object not found where vdisks are left stale in certain multi-thread operations.(14043681)

  • Oracle VM Manager hangs after a restart due to various tasks running jobs in the global context. (14175298)

  • Stale lock issue on multithreaded server where object not found error happens in some rare situations. (14108096)

  • Oracle VM Manager fails to discover the server or start the server after the server hardware configuration (i.e. BIOS) was modified. (14169237)

  • HTTP cannot be disabled. (13524729)

  • Oracle VM Manager UI time-out issue where the default value is not long enough for storage repository creation. (13925232)

  • List of target servers (and "other servers") is not ordered by name when migrating a virtual machine. (14160596)

  • Size of the "Edit Vlan Group" window should display all information correctly. (14160610)

  • Navigation tree (servers) is not ordered by name. (14160581)

  • Upgrade process must not continue when the Oracle VM Manager cannot be stopped. (14305714)

  • Issue in server rediscovery due to the yum repository URL reset. (14228607)

  • iSCSI initiators are no longer associated with the ZFS Storage Appliance Access Groups after a restart of the Oracle VM Manager. (14180913)

3.2 Bug Fixes in Oracle VM 3.1.1

The following notable bugs are fixed in Oracle VM Release 3.1.1:

  • Outage scenario requires acknowledging multiple events on multiple objects. (13845733)

  • The installer does not allow the reuse of an existing database. (13744793)

  • Cannot remove server pool file system from Oracle VM Manager if the server pool file system is corrupted. (13601257)

  • Unable to create a repository on a LUN that already has partitions on it. (13596838)

  • HVM guests failed to start or panic when MEM is not equal to MAXMEM. (13560881)

  • Cannot remove VM and Oracle VM Server from Oracle VM Manager if the Oracle VM Server goes away. (13473061)

  • OCFS2 storage repository size is not updated in core and user interface even if repository is refreshed. (13449381)

  • Oracle VM Server boot over multipath SAN fails to initialize DM MP devices. (13341598)

  • VM start is pending. (13044663)

  • API for CPU utilization returning negative values. (12999197)

  • Resizing a physical disk/LUN does not resize the file system. (12962538)

  • Oracle VM Server fails to boot from multipath SAN disks. (12682785)

  • Unable to upgrade from Oracle VM Server Release 3.0.3 to Oracle VM Server Release 3.1.1 on an HP ProLiant BL680c G5 Server. (14690247)

3.3 Bug Fixes in Oracle VM 3.0.3

The following notable bugs are fixed in Oracle VM Release 3.0.3:

  • Oracle VM Manager upgrade improvements significantly reduces upgrade time.

  • IP addresses entered in Oracle VM Manager are always validated to ensure correct formatting. An error message is displayed if the IP address is not properly formatted.

  • The Linux kernel device manager (udev) has been improved to increase performance. The most significant improvement is that the time udev takes to run after booting the server has been shortened from 2-3 minutes to just seconds, eliminating system 'hangs' and other problems in systems which are sensitive to startup time.

  • When the management network also fulfills the role of virtual machine network, a bridge for virtual machine network connectivity is created on Oracle VM Servers as they are added to the environment. As a result, virtual machines will continue to work properly when migrated to a new Oracle VM Server.

  • DHCP is able to be used for VLAN Group interfaces. (13322814)

  • Both Oracle VM Server and the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel (UEK) have been patched to prevent the flood of kernel warning messages caused by illegal configuration of certain Broadcom NetXtreme II XGb (bnx2x) network controllers. If an illegal configuration is detected, only one warning message per controller card is displayed.

  • Several network throughput issues with certain Broadcom NetXtreme II XGb (bnx2x) network controllers on Oracle VM Server have been resolved: default TPA settings have no adverse effect on network throughput, and network between virtual machines and NFS storage no longer hangs with bnx2x controllers.

  • When using the untagged VLAN segment, the user must configure IP address information on the NIC port, not on the VLAN interface. This eliminates duplicate configurations and any associated risks of misconfiguration.

  • A late locking scheme has been implemented for networks on virtual machine clones: the virtual NIC connection in the virtual machine is only locked at the end of the clone operation. As a result, locking issues with ethernet networks no longer occur when multiple virtual machines are cloned in parallel from the same template.

  • In Oracle VM Manager, the Acknowledge All Events button effectively clears all events, not just the items visible in the current list view.

[1] This problem occurs after applying the recent security patch available at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2661254. Please refer to Oracle VM Installation and Upgrade Guide for instructions to implement this fix.