2.1 Discovering Oracle VM Servers

This example walks through discovering three Oracle VM Servers. Replace the IP addresses and the Oracle VM Agent password for that of your own environment.

To discover Oracle VM Servers:

  1. Click the Servers and VMs tab, if not already selected.

  2. Click Discover Servers Discover Servers icon in the toolbar.

  3. Enter the IP addresses or hostnames, and the Oracle VM Agent password for the Oracle VM Server(s) to be discovered. Click OK.

    This figure shows the Discover Servers dialog box showing the IP addresses of the Oracle VM Servers to discover.

The Oracle VM Servers are discovered and added to the Unassigned Servers folder in the Servers and VMs tab. The displayed name of a discovered Oracle VM Server is the assigned DNS name, and not the IP address. You can edit the name after the Oracle VM Server is discovered. For more information on editing an Oracle VM Server, see Editing Oracle VM Server Information.

This figure shows the Servers and VMs tab displayed. The discovered Oracle VM Servers are added to the Unassigned Servers folder.
Click to view larger image start_servers_discover1.png