9.2 Creating a virtual machine from an assembly

This example uses the virtual machine assembly you imported in Section 8.1, “Importing an assembly” to create a virtual machine, and deploy it in the server pool.

To create a virtual machine from an assembly:

  1. Click the Repositories tab.

  2. Select the repository in which the assembly is saved, then Assemblies in the navigation tree. Select the assembly in the management pane table, and click Create VM Template Create VM Template icon in the management pane toolbar.

  3. The Create VM Template dialog box is displayed. Enter a name for the template, and optionally a description, and click OK.

    This figure shows the Create VM Template dialog box.

    The create template job may take some time. When the job is completed, the template is available in VM Templates in the navigation tree.

  4. Follow the procedure in Section 9.1, “Creating a virtual machine from a template” to use the template to create a virtual machine.