Adding and Updating Software in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: July 2014

Additional Image Properties


Specifies a path name that points to a directory where CA certificates are kept for SSL operations. The format of this directory is specific to the underlying SSL implementation. To use an alternate location for trusted CA certificates, change this value to point to a different directory. See the CApath portions of SSL_CTX_load_verify_locations(3openssl) for requirements for the CA directory.

The default value is /etc/openssl/certs.


If set to true, the package client attempts to contact any CRL distribution points in the certificates used for signature verification to determine whether the certificate has been revoked since being issued.

The default value is False.


Specify when the package system will update non-editable files during packaging operations. The following values are allowed:


Always apply the default content update policy.


Always download and update non-editable files that have changed.


Download and update non-editable files that have changed only if the package system has determined that an update is required.

The default value is always.


If set to true, the package client removes the files in its content-cache when image-modifying operations complete successfully. For operations that create a BE, the content is removed from both the source and destination BE.

This property can be used to keep the content-cache small on systems with limited disk space. This property can cause operations to take longer to complete.

The default value is True.


This property tells the client to discover link-local content mirrors using mDNS and DNS-SD. If this property is set to true, the client attempts to download package content from mirrors it dynamically discovers. To run a mirror that advertises its content via mDNS, see pkg.depotd(1M).

The default value is False.


Send the image's Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) when performing network operations. Although users can disable this option, some network repositories might refuse to talk to clients that do not supply a UUID.

The default value is True.


The value of this property is the path name of the directory that contains the trust anchors for the image. This path is relative to the image.

The default value is ignore.


This property indicates whether the image should use the system repository as a source for image and publisher configuration and as a proxy for communicating with the publishers provided. See pkg.sysrepo(1M) for information about system repositories.

The default value is ignore.