Managing System Information, Processes, and Performance in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: September 2014

How to Set Up a Message-Of-The-Day

You can edit the message-of-the-day file, /etc/motd, to include announcements or inquiries to all users of a system when they log in. Use this feature sparingly, and edit this file regularly to remove obsolete messages.

  1. Assume a role that has the Administrator Message Edit profile assigned to it.

    See Using Your Assigned Administrative Rights in Securing Users and Processes in Oracle Solaris 11.2 .

  2. Use the pfedit command to edit the /etc/motd file and add a message of your choice.
    $ pfedit /etc/motd

    Edit the text to include the message that will be displayed during user login. Include spaces, tabs, and carriage returns.

  3. Verify the changes by displaying the contents of the /etc/motd file.
    $ cat /etc/motd
    Welcome to the UNIX universe. Have a nice day.