Trusted Extensions Label Administration

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Updated: July 2014


security policy
definitionindex iconLabels and Security Policy
identifying site requirementsindex iconIdentifying the Site's Label Requirements
protecting informationindex iconSatisfying Information Protection Goals
setting minimum "Protect As"index iconHow to Set a Minimum ???Protect As??? Classification
site-specificindex iconHow to Plan for Labels
type of labelindex iconTypes of Labels, Their Components and Uses
sensitivity labels  Seeindex iconlabels
SENSITIVITY LABELS keywordindex iconlabel_encodings Keywords
descriptionindex iconlabel_encodings Keywords
exampleindex iconSpecifying the Sensitivity Labels
duration of label restrictions chosen at loginindex iconSession Range
session range definitionindex iconSession Range
label_encodings fileindex iconHow to Create a Single-Label Encodings File
sname= classification keywordindex iconKeywords for Classifications
strict dominanceindex iconRepresentation of the TS, TS A, TS B, and TS AB Labels
in channelsindex iconU.S. Government Use of CHANNELS Section on Banner Page
syntax of label_encodings fileindex iconEncodings File Syntax
sys_trans_label privilegeindex iconPrivileges for Translating Labels
system accreditation rangeindex iconSystem Accreditation Range
system security policyindex iconLabels and Security Policy