Oracle® Solaris Studio 12.4: Discover and Uncover User's Guide

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Updated: December 2015

Code Coverage Tool (uncover)

The uncover utility is a simple and easy to use command-line tool for measuring code coverage of applications. Code coverage is an important part of software testing. It provides information about which areas of your code are exercised in testing, enabling you to improve your test suites to test more of your code. The coverage information that uncover reports can be at a function, statement, basic block, or instruction level.

The uncover utility provides a unique feature called uncoverage, which enables you to quickly find major functional areas that are not being tested. Other advantages of uncover code coverage over other types of instrumentation are:

  • The slowdown relative to uninstrumented code is fairly small.

  • Because uncover operates on binaries, it can work with any optimized binary.

  • Measurements can be done simply by instrumenting the shipping binary. You do not have build the application differently for coverage testing.

  • The uncover utility provides a simple procedure for instrumenting the binary, running tests, and displaying the results.

  • The uncover utility is multithread safe and multiprocess safe.