Oracle® Solaris Studio 12.4: Code Analyzer User's Guide

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Updated: October 2014

Data Analyzed by The Code Analyzer

Code Analyzer analyzes three types of data:

  • Static code errors detected during compilation

  • Dynamic memory access errors and warnings detected by the discover utility, the memory error discovery tool

  • Code coverage data measured by the uncover utility, the code coverage tool

In addition to providing you access to each individual type of analysis, Code Analyzer integrates static code checking with dynamic memory access analysis and code coverage analysis, to enable you to find many important errors in your applications that cannot be found by other error detection tools working separately.

The Code Analyzer also pinpoints the core issues in your code, that, when fixed, are likely to eliminate the other issues. A core issue usually combines several other issues because, for example, the issues have a common allocation point, or occur at the same data address in the same function.