Oracle® Solaris Studio 12.4: Code Analyzer User's Guide

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Updated: October 2014


Code Analyzer
requirements for usingindex iconRequirements for Using Code Analyzer
Code Analyzer command-line interface
featuresindex iconCode Analyzer Command-Line Interface
Code Analyzer GUI
featuresindex iconCode Analyzer GUI
quick startindex iconQuick Start
startingindex iconUsing the Code Analyzer GUI
code coverage checkingindex iconCode Coverage Checking
code coverage issuesindex iconCode Coverage Issues
featuresindex iconCode Analyzer Command-Line Interface
codean commandindex iconCode Analyzer Command-Line Interface
collecting data
binary-name.analyze directoryindex iconCollecting Data And Starting the Code Analyzer
code coverageindex iconCollecting Code Coverage Data
dynamic memory access errorsindex iconCollecting Dynamic Memory Access Data
static errorsindex iconCollecting Static Error Data
limitationsindex iconCollecting Static Error Data
core issuesindex iconData Analyzed by The Code Analyzer