Oracle® Solaris Studio 12.4: Security Guide

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Updated: October 2014

Using Remote Development in the IDE

Using remote build hosts in the IDE requires login credentials. Compromised security on the client system running the IDE might lead to unauthorized access of remote server hosts. In shared desktop environments, storing login credentials is not advisable for situations requiring a high level of security.

Another area of consideration with respect to remote development is the caching of source code on client systems during remote development. To increase IDE performance and responsiveness, the remote development feature in the IDE caches files from the server, including source code, on the client machine. The cache folder on the client machine is user_directory/var/cache/remote-files.

On Solaris and Linux platforms, user_directory is: ~/.solstudio/ide-version-OS-architecture (for example, ~/.solstudio/ide-12.4-SunOS-i386).

On Microsoft Windows platforms, user_directory is ~/Application Data/.solstudio/dd-version.

On Mac OS X platforms, user_directory is ~/Library/Application/Support/solstudio/dd-version.

In sensitive security environments, take care with this cache folder, including deletion or encryption.