Oracle® Solaris Studio 12.4: Security Guide

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Updated: October 2014

Precautions for System Administrators and Users Installing Oracle Solaris Studio

Oracle Solaris Studio compilers and tools are intended primarily for use in development environments. If Oracle Solaris Studio is needed in a production environment (for example, to debug a production application or analyze a performance bottleneck), take measures to limit access to these tools. Install only the Oracle Solaris Studio components needed for development or production tasks. The Oracle Solaris Studio package installer lets you select which Studio components to install.

Oracle Solaris Studio IDE lets you install non-Oracle supported plugins. Before downloading any third-party software such as these plugins, assess the security safety of such plugins.

Keep installations of Oracle Solaris Studio current with the latest patches, especially security patches.

Oracle Solaris Studio Performance Analyzer requires elevated privileges for certain debugging and analysis tasks. Provide these privileges through temporary accounts, and monitor these accounts accordingly.