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Oracle Solaris Cluster 3.3 3/13 Release Notes     Oracle Solaris Cluster 3.3 3/13
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Oracle Solaris Cluster 3.3 3/13 Release Notes

What's New in the Oracle Solaris Cluster 3.3 3/13 Software

Support for Oracle 12c

Qualification of VxVM and VxFS

New clsetup Wizards to Create a Zone Cluster

Resource Dependencies Can Be Defined on a Per-Node Basis

Support for Kernel Cage Dynamic Reconfiguration (DR)

Cluster Security Framework Is Enhanced

Faster Failure Detection and Response by Storage Monitors

New clsetup Wizard to Configure the Oracle PeopleSoft Application Server Data Service

New clsetup Wizard to Configure the Oracle WebLogic Server Data Service

New Data Service for Oracle External Proxy

New Data Service for SAP NetWeaver

New Data Service for Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise Process Scheduler

New Data Service for Oracle Web Tier

Support for Sun ZFS Storage Appliance Data Replication With Geographic Edition


Oracle ACFS as a Cluster File System

Topology Pages in Oracle Solaris Cluster Manager

Commands Modified in This Release

Compatibility Issues

Oracle ASM With Solaris Volume Manager Mirrored Logical Volumes

ACFS Proxy Resource Goes Offline During Installation of Oracle Binaries (16581850)

Tavor InfiniBand (IB) Transport Cluster Nodes Panic: mutex_enter: bad mutex, lp (16372022)

Solaris Upgrade to Oracle Solaris 10 8/11 Overwrites the hostname.adp Contents (15882549)

Solaris Volume Manager GUI

Accessibility Information

Supported Products

Data Services

File Systems

Memory Requirements

Oracle Solaris Operating System

Oracle VM Server for SPARC

Availability Suite

Volume Managers

Features Not Supported in This Release

Sun Management Center

Network Appliance NAS Devices

Socket Direct Protocol (SDP)

Product Localization

Known Issues and Bugs


Cannot Set the Jumbo Frame MTU Size for the clprivnet Interface (16618736)

Cluster Check Utility S6708502 Reports RT Process ora_dism as Unsupported (16365116)

Public Net Failure Does Not Fail Over DB Server Resource with SCAN Listener (16231523)

Cluster File System Does Not Support Extended Attributes (15790565)

Resource Group Does Not Fail Over When Failover_mode Is Set to SOFT During a Public Interface Failure (15711034)

Unable to Register Resource Type SUNW.scalable_acfs_proxy in a Zone Cluster (15700050)

The clzonecluster boot, reboot, and halt Subcommands Fail if Any One of the Cluster Nodes Is Not in the Cluster (15812235)

Using chmod to Set setuid Permission Returns Error in a Non-Global Zone on PxFS Secondary Server (15697690)

Cannot Create a Resource From a Configuration File With Non-Tunable Extension Properties (15658184)

Disabling Device Fencing While Cluster Is Under Load Results in Reservation Conflict (15608862)

Autodiscovery Does Not Work on LDoms With Hybrid I/O (15581535)

EMC SRDF and Hitachi TrueCopy Should Reject Switchover When Replicated Device-Group Status Will Cause Switchover and Switchback to Fail (15538295)

Removing Nodes from the Cluster Configuration Can Result in Node Panics (15500647)

More Validation Checks Needed When Combining DIDs (15423531)

Data Services

sun.storage_proxy.type Resource in Offline State After uadmin 5 1 (16910145)

Active-Standby Configuration Not Supported for HA for TimesTen (16861602)

The clzonecluster halt zonecluster Command Followed by clzonecluster boot zonecluster Causes Node Boot Failure in a Zone Cluster (16398199)

Disabled LDom Resource Keeps the LDom in a Bound State (16323723)

Manual Umount of ZFS File System Does Not Get Remounted Automatically (16319552)

Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) Agent Calls /bin/grep -q, Which Is an Illegal Option for This grep Version (16270576)

Errors Occur When Deleting an HA LDom Resource (16229698)

The clsetup WebLogic Server Wizard Does Not Create a Resource for a Failover File System in a Zone Cluster Zone (15943191)

Wizard Unable to Create Zone Cluster rac-framework Resource Group if the Zone Cluster Has Fewer Nodes Than Its Global Zone Nodes (15825830)

Oracle Solaris 10 Samba Patch 119757-20 or 119758-20 Impacts the HA-Samba Data Service (15757158)

When set Debug_level=1, pas-rg Fails Over to Node 2 And Cannot Start on Node 1 Anymore (15803844)

HAStoragePlus Resource Configured in Scalable Resource Group with Cluster File System Stays at Starting State Indefinitely (15649193)

Scalable Applications Are Not Isolated Between Zone Clusters (15611122)

Running clnas add or clnas remove Commands on Multiple Nodes at the Same Time Can Cause a Problem (15533979)

The clresourcegroup add-node Command Triggers an HAStoragePlus Resource to a Faulted State (15391480)

RAC Wizard Failing With "ERROR: Oracle ASM is either not installed or the installation is invalid!" (15814020)

Geographic Edition

Geographic Edition Hitachi TrueCopy Protection Group Takeover Fails When the Primary Cluster Loses Access to Storage (16013386)

Geographic Edition Disables ASM Resources in Incorrect Order, Resulting in Error Messages (16004984)

Cluster Node Does Not Have Access to ZFS Storage Appliance Projects or iSCSI LUNs (15924240)

Multiple Notification Emails Sent from Global Cluster When Zone Clusters Are in Use (15746425)

DR State Stays Reporting unknown on One Partner (15808054)

ZFS Storage Appliance Protection Group Creation And Validation Fail if Project Replication Is Stopped by Using the BUI (15797609)


Centralized Install with the scinstall Utility Fails to Configure the Cluster When DES Authentication is Enabled and the Node Names Are Specified as Fully Qualified Host Names (16228318)

The Zone Cluster Wizard Does Not Provide a Method to Enter Data on Nodes Using Oracle Solaris 10 OS (15874818)

Running the scinstall -u Command Leaves 'installed' Zones in 'mounted' State (15817301)

The Installer Deletes the Existing Package Corresponding to Ops Center Agent JavaDB Database (15646335)


Result of System Requirements Checking Is Wrong (12185261)


The clzonecluster cancel Command Can Cause an Error (15950187)

sc_delegated_restarter Does Not Take Into Account Environment Variable Set in Manifest (15795184)

Unable to Re-enable Transport Interface After Disabling With ifconfig unplumb interface (15770198)

Failure of Logical Hostname to Fail Over Caused by getnetmaskbyaddr() (15733435)

Patches and Required Firmware Levels

Applying an Oracle Solaris Cluster 3.3 3/13 Core Patch

How to Apply the Oracle Solaris Cluster 3.3 3/13 Core Patch

Removing an Oracle Solaris Cluster 3.3 3/13 Core Patch

How to Remove an Oracle Solaris Cluster 3.3 3/13 Core Patch

Patch Management Tools

Patch for Cluster Support for Sun StorageTek 2530 Array

My Oracle Support

Oracle Solaris Cluster 3.3 3/13 Documentation Set

Documentation Addendum

Software Installation Guide

HA for Oracle Guide

HA for Oracle RAC Guide

HA for Oracle Web Tier Guide

Man Pages

Multiple Man Pages

Compatibility Issues

This section contains the following information about Oracle Solaris Cluster compatibility issues with other products. Contact your Oracle support representative to learn whether a fix becomes available.

See also the following information:

Oracle ASM With Solaris Volume Manager Mirrored Logical Volumes

Problem Summary: If your Oracle Solaris Cluster HA for Oracle Database or Support for Oracle RAC configuration requires using Oracle ASM with Solaris Volume Manager mirrored logical volumes, you might experience failures of the SUNW.ScalDeviceGroup probe. These failures result in a loss of availability of any service that is dependent on the SUNW.ScalDeviceGroup resource.

Workaround: You can mitigate the failures by increasing the IOTimeout property setting for the SUNW.ScalDeviceGroup resource type. See Article 603825.1 at My Oracle Support for additional information.

ACFS Proxy Resource Goes Offline During Installation of Oracle Binaries (16581850)

Problem Summary: Because of an issue with ACFS resources going offline unexpectedly, the combination of Oracle 12.1 and ACFS with Oracle Solaris Cluster 3.3 3/13 is not currently supported. This issue does not affect Oracle ACFS support.

Workaround: Contact your Oracle support representative to learn whether a fix or workaround is available.

Tavor InfiniBand (IB) Transport Cluster Nodes Panic: mutex_enter: bad mutex, lp (16372022)

Problem Summary: Clusters with Tavor IB Host Channel Adapters (HCAs) panic when attempting to use Reliable Datagram Sockets (RDS) v3 drivers. RDSv3 is not supported on Tavor IB because of hardware limitations. Use the following command to determine if Tavor IB is installed:

# /usr/sbin/prtconf -v | grep tavor

Workaround: Configure applications on the cluster to use either RDS version 1 or the IP-over-IB protocol. In order to run RDSv3, the Hermon IB HCAs must be installed on the cluster.

Solaris Upgrade to Oracle Solaris 10 8/11 Overwrites the hostname.adp Contents (15882549)

Problem Summary: During upgrade from Oracle Solaris 9 to Oracle Solaris version 10 8/11 or 10 1/13, the /etc/hostname.adp file is overwritten. This causes networking resources to fail to come online, because the IPMP group configuration was removed during the file overwrite.

Workaround: Perform the following steps for each node you upgrade:

  1. Before you upgrade the Oracle Solaris OS, save the contents of the /etc/hostname.adp file.

  2. After the upgrade but before you reboot the system, copy the saved contents of the pre-upgrade hostname.adp files to the current hostname.adp files.

  3. After you reboot the system, if there was IPMP group information available in the /etc/hostname.adp files, verify that IPMP groups are created correctly. Use either the cluster command or ifconfig commands.

Solaris Volume Manager GUI

The Enhanced Storage module of Solaris Management Console (Solaris Volume Manager) is not compatible with Oracle Solaris Cluster software. Use the command-line interface or Oracle Solaris Cluster utilities to configure Solaris Volume Manager software.