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Oracle® Solaris 11.4 Release Notes

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Updated: October 2018

Boot Issues

This section describes issues related to booting into the Oracle Solaris 11.4 release.

See also x86: Booting in UEFI Mode From the ISO Image Is Very Slow on Oracle VM VirtualBox.

Panic When PCIE Driver Reads PCI VPD from Certain HBA (27659878)

A panic can occur while the pcie driver is reading PCI Vital Product Data (VPD) from HBA SGX-SAS6-R-INT-Z (PN: 375-3644-05) Sun Storage 6 Gb SAS PCIe RAID. During a system boot or hotplug operation, the Oracle Solaris pcie driver reads a device’s PCI VPD during init child processing prior to device attachment and configuration. If the device is HBA SGX-SAS6-R-INT-Z, then a PCI Express “Completion Timeout” panic can randomly occur.

Workaround: Upgrade the HBA SGX-SAS6-R-INT-Z firmware to Version 2.130.373-4378. See the “Firmware” section of the Broadcom SGX-SAS6-R-INT-Z page.