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Booting and Shutting Down Oracle® Solaris 11.4 Systems

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Updated: November 2020

How to Install GRUB in a Location Other Than the Default Location

On systems with BIOS firmware, sometimes installing GRUB 2 into the master boot record might be necessary. After the installation, GRUB 2 is then the default system boot loader, regardless of which DOS partition is marked as the active partition. When DOS partitioning is used on systems with BIOS firmware, and the Solaris partition is a primary partition, the default GRUB 2 installation location is the partition boot record. If the partition is a logical partition, GRUB 2 is always installed in the MBR.

Before You Begin

Ensure that your role has the appropriate rights profiles to perform this procedure. See Using Rights Profiles to Administer Boot Features.

  1. Assume the root role.

    See Using Your Assigned Administrative Rights in Securing Users and Processes in Oracle Solaris 11.4.

  2. Install the boot loader into the MBR location.
    $ bootadm install-bootloader -M
  3. Reboot the system.