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Creating and Administering Oracle® Solaris 11.4 Boot Environments

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Updated: November 2019

Creating Additional Datasets for Boot Environments

To create additional datasets for a BE, use the zfs command. The new dataset is located hierarchically under the root dataset of the BE.

This new dataset will not be automatically cloned to existing, associated zone BEs. Also, because the new dataset is under the root dataset of a BE, the new dataset will be private to that BE. The new dataset will not be a shared dataset.

After the dataset has been created under the root dataset, if you clone that entire BE, the new dataset would be included in the new, cloned BE.

Note - When creating additional datasets for BEs, the canmount ZFS property of the dataset must be set to noauto. The dataset's mountpoint is inherited from the BE's root dataset and hence should be mounted at /myfs when this BE is in use.

For example, to create a new, non-shared dataset mounted at /myfs for the BE1, you would type:

$ zfs create -o canmount=noauto rpool/ROOT/BE1/myfs

For further information, see the zfs(8) man page.