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Creating and Administering Oracle® Solaris 11.4 Boot Environments

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Updated: November 2019

Zones and Shared Datasets

The beadm command automatically handles all zone-naming tasks that are related to BEs.

A zone's root dataset uses the format rpool/zones/zonename, such as rpool/zones1/zone1.

The root dataset for the BE is in the zone's root dataset, such as rpool/ROOT/BE1 in the following example:


You create a shared dataset during zone configuration. The shared dataset is placed in the zone's root dataset but outside the root dataset for the BE. Thus a shared dataset such as /export would be listed as follows:


When a zone is copied from one BE to another, only the datasets under the zone's root dataset are copied. Shared datasets are not cloned when the zone root dataset is cloned. See the examples in Creating Boot Environments and Snapshots.