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Trusted Extensions Label Administration

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Updated: August 2018

How to Add or Rename a Classification

Before You Begin

You must be in the Security Administrator role in the global zone. To be able to add classifications, you left gaps in the classification numbers in the label_encodings file.

  1. Back up the label_encodings file.
    # cp label_encodings label_encodings.orig
  2. Edit the label_encodings file.
    # pfedit encodings-file
  3. Update the version number.

    In the VERSION= section update the version number and the date.

    VERSION= Trusted Extensions Example Version - 5.11 09/05/28

    SCCS keywords are used for the version number and the date. For details, see the sccs(1) man page.

    VERSION= MyCo Example Version - %I% %E%
  4. Add or rename the classification by performing one of the following:
    • In the CLASSIFICATIONS section, add the new classification.

      Specify a long name, short name, and numeric value.

      name= REGISTERED; sname= R; value= 15; 
    • In the CLASSIFICATIONS section, rename an existing classification.
      * name= INTERNAL_USE_ONLY; sname= IUO; value= 12;
      name= INTERNAL; sname= I; value= 12; 
  5. Add the new classification to the ACCREDITATION RANGE section.

    The following example shows three new classifications that are added to the ACCREDITATION RANGE section. Each classification is specified with all compartment combinations valid.

    Note - If you rename a classification, update the name in the ACCREDITATION RANGE section.
    classification= UNCLASSIFIED;        all compartment combinations valid;
    * i is new in this file
    classification= INTERNAL_USE_ONLY;   all compartment combinations valid;
    * n is new in this file
    classification= NEED_TO_KNOW;        all compartment combinations valid;
    classification= CONFIDENTIAL;        all compartment combinations valid except:
    c a
    c b
    classification= SECRET;               only valid compartment combinations:
    . . .
    * r is new in this file
    classification= REGISTERED;           all compartment combinations valid;
  6. Adjust the ACCREDITATION RANGE section, if necessary.

    You might need to make the new classification a minimum classification.

    minimum clearance= u;
    minimum sensitivity label= u;
    minimum protect as classification= u;

    Note - Make sure that you set a minimum clearance that is dominated by all the clearances that you plan to assign to users. Similarly, make sure that the minimum sensitivity label is dominated by all the minimum labels that you plan to assign to users.

Next Steps

Verify the file by performing How to Analyze and Verify the label_encodings File.

Distribute the file by following How to Distribute the label_encodings File.