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Trusted Extensions Label Administration

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Updated: August 2018

Configuring Users and Printers for Labels

The security administrator has completed the label_encodings file. However, apart from the label_encodings file, labeling decisions at SecCompany need to be enforced on users and on printers.

    For every user, the security administrator needs to specify the following:

  • The appropriate clearance

    The default, PUBLIC, is too low for employees, but is required to prevent non-employees from accessing company files. For assistance, see Planning the Clearances in a Worksheet.

  • The appropriate minimum label

    The default, PUBLIC, is not a company label. Company files start at the INTERNAL_USE_ONLY label. For assistance, see Planning the Minimum Labels in an Accreditation Range.

The security administrator can enable users to bypass certain Trusted Extensions print security features by assigning authorizations to the users.

For more information, see Managing Users and Rights in Trusted Extensions Configuration and Administration.

For every printer, the security administrator can specify a label range. For printer configuration procedures, see Configuring Labeled Printing in Trusted Extensions Configuration and Administration.