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Trusted Extensions Configuration and Administration

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Updated: March 2019

Managing Users and Rights

In Trusted Extensions, you assume the Security Administrator role to administer users, authorizations, rights, and roles. The following task map describes common tasks that you perform for users who operate in a labeled environment.

Table 16  Managing Users and Rights Task Map
For Instructions
Modify a user's label range.
Modifies the labels at which a user can work. Modifications can restrict or extend the range that the label_encodings file permits.
Create a rights profile for convenient authorizations.
Several authorizations exist that might be useful for regular users. Creates a profile for users who qualify to have these authorizations.
Modify a user's default privilege set.
Removes a privilege from the user's default privilege set.
Prevent account locking for particular users.
Users who can assume a role should have account locking turned off.
Enable a user to relabel data.
Authorizes a user to downgrade information or upgrade information.
Remove a user from the system.
Completely removes a user and the user's processes.