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Trusted Extensions Configuration and Administration

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Updated: March 2019

How to Enable Users to Access Their Remote Home Directories at Every Label by Logging In to Each NFS Server

In this procedure, you allow users to create a home directory at each label by letting them directly log in to each home directory server. After creating each home directory on the central server, users can access their home directories from any system.

Alternatively, you, as administrator, can create a mount point on each home directory server by running a script, then modifying the automounter. For this method, see How to Enable Users to Access Their Remote Home Directories by Configuring the Automounter on Each Server.

Before You Begin

The home directory servers for your Trusted Extensions domain are configured.

  • Enable users to log in directly to each home directory server.

    Typically, you have created one NFS server per label.

    1. Instruct each user to log in to each NFS server at the label of the server.
    2. When the login is successful, instruct the user to log out of the server.

      A home directory for the user is available at the label of the server when the login is successful.

    3. Instruct the users to log in from their regular workstation.

      The home directory for their default label is available from the home directory server. When a user changes the label of a session or adds a workspace at a different label, the user's home directory for that label is mounted.

Next Steps

Users can log in at a different label from their default label by choosing a different label from the label builder during login.