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Trusted Extensions Configuration and Administration

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Updated: March 2019

Backing Up, Sharing, and Mounting Labeled Files

The following task map describes common tasks that are used to back up and restore data from labeled file systems, and to share and mount file systems that are labeled.

Table 18  Backing Up, Sharing, and Mounting Labeled Files Task Map
For Instructions
Back up files.
Archives your data while preserving labels.
Restore data.
Restores labeled data from a backup.
Share a labeled file system.
Allows a labeled file system to be accessed by users on other systems.
Mount a file system that is shared by a labeled zone.
Allows the contents of a file system to be mounted read-write in a labeled zone at the same label. When a higher-level zone mounts the shared directory, the directory mounts read-only.
Create home directory mount points.
Creates mount points for every user at every label. This task enables users to access their home directory at every label on a system that is not the NFS home directory server.
Hide lower-level information from a user who is working at a higher label.
Prevents the viewing of lower-level information from a higher level.
Troubleshoot file system mounting problems.
Resolves problems with mounting a file system.