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Trusted Extensions Configuration and Administration

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Updated: March 2019

How to Enable Files to Be Relabeled From a Labeled Zone

This procedure is a prerequisite for a user to be able to relabel files.

Before You Begin

The zone you plan to configure must be halted. You must be in the Security Administrator role in the global zone.

  1. Open the Labeled Zone Manager.
    # /usr/sbin/txzonemgr &
  2. Configure the zone to enable relabeling.
    1. Double-click the zone.
    2. From the list, select Permit Relabeling.
  3. Select Boot to restart the zone.
  4. Click Cancel to return to the zone list.

    For the user and process requirements that permit relabeling, see the setflabel(3TSOL) man page. To authorize a user to relabel files, see How to Enable a User to Change the Security Level of Data.

Example 21  Permitting Downgrades Only From the internal Zone

In this example, the security administrator uses the zonecfg command to enable the downgrading of information but not the upgrading of information from the CNF: INTERNAL USE ONLY zone.

# zonecfg -z internal set limitpriv=default,file_downgrade_sl
Example 22  Preventing Downgrades From the internal Zone

In this example, the security administrator prevents the downgrade of CNF: INTERNAL USE ONLY files on a system that previously was used to downgrade files.

The administrator uses the Labeled Zone Manager to halt the internal zone, then selects Deny Relabeling from the internal zone menu.