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Trusted Extensions Configuration and Administration

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Updated: March 2019

How to Verify That a System's Interfaces Are Up

Use this procedure if your system does not communicate with other hosts as expected.

Before You Begin

You must be in the global zone in a role that can check network attribute values. The Security Administrator role and the System Administrator role can check these values.

  1. Verify that the system's network interface is up.

    You can use the Labeled Zone Manager GUI or the ipadm command to display the system's interfaces.

    • Open the Labeled Zone Manager, then double-click the zone of interest.
      # txzonemgr &

      Select Configure Network Interfaces and verify that the value of the Status column for the zone is Up.

    • Or, use the ipadm show-addr command.
      # ipadm show-addr
      ADDROBJ          TYPE      STATE        ADDR
      lo0/v4           static    ok 
      net0/_a          dhcp      down
      net0:0/_a        dhcp      down

      The value of the net0 interfaces should be ok. For more information about the ipadm command, see the ipadm(8) man page.

  2. If the interface is not up, bring it up.
    1. In the Labeled Zone Manager GUI, double-click the zone whose interface is down.
    2. Select Configure Network Interfaces.
    3. Double-click the interface whose state is Down.
    4. Select Bring Up, then OK.
    5. Click Cancel or OK.