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Trusted Extensions Configuration and Administration

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Updated: March 2019

How to Assign a Label to an Unlabeled Print Server

An Oracle Solaris print server can be assigned a label by a Trusted Extensions system for access to a printer at that label. Jobs print at the assigned label without labels. If a job prints with a banner page, the page does not contain any security information.

A Trusted Extensions system can be configured to submit jobs to a printer that is managed by an unlabeled print server. Users can print jobs on the unlabeled printer at the assigned label.

Before You Begin

You must be in the Security Administrator role in the global zone.

  1. Assign an unlabeled template to the print server.

    For details, see How to Add a Host to a Security Template.

    Users who are working at the label that is assigned to the print server in the unlabeled template can send print jobs to the Oracle Solaris printer at that label.

  2. On the system that does not have printer access, assume the System Administrator role.
  3. Add access to the printer that is connected to the arbitrarily labeled print server.
    # lpadmin -p printer-name -E \
    -v ipp://print-server-IP-address/printers/printer-name-on-print-server
Example 46  Sending Public Print Jobs to an Unlabeled Printer

Files that are available to the general public are suitable for printing to an unlabeled printer. In this example, marketing writers need to produce documents that do not have labels printed on the top and bottom of the pages.

The security administrator assigns an unlabeled host type template to the Oracle Solaris print server. The template is described in How to Configure a Tunnel Across an Untrusted Network. The arbitrary label of the template is PUBLIC. The printer pr-nolabel1 is connected to this print server. Print jobs from users in a PUBLIC zone print on the pr-nolabel1 printer with no labels. Depending on the settings for the printer, the jobs might or might not have banner pages. The banner pages do not contain security information.