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Trusted Extensions Configuration and Administration

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Updated: March 2019

Additional Trusted Extensions Configuration Tasks

The following tasks can be helpful in configuring a Trusted Extensions system to your requirements. The final task enables you to remove the Trusted Extensions feature from an Oracle Solaris.

Table 8  Additional Trusted Extensions Configuration Task Map
For Instructions
Inform users of site security.
Displays a security message at login.
Create a labeled zone to contain a service that operates at the same label as an existing zone.
Creates a secondary zone at the same label as a primary zone.
Create a dataset to hold directories and files at all labels.
Creates and mounts a dataset where files can be relabeled with minimal overhead.
Create a home directory server at every label.
Creates several home directory servers, one for every label. Or, creates a multilevel home directory server.
Create initial users who can assume roles.
Creates users whom you trust to administer the system when they assume a role.
Remove Trusted Extensions.
Removes Trusted Extensions and all trusted data from your system. Also readies the Oracle Solaris system to run Trusted Extensions.