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Trusted Extensions Configuration and Administration

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Updated: March 2019

Configuring and Administering Remote Systems in Trusted Extensions

After enabling remote administration and before rebooting the remote system into Trusted Extensions, you can configure the system by using Virtual Network Computing (VNC) or the ssh protocol.

Table 3  Configuring and Administering Remote Systems in Trusted Extensions Task Map
For Instructions
Enable remote administration of a Trusted Extensions system.
Enables the administration of Trusted Extensions systems from specified ssh clients.
Enable Virtual Network Computing (VNC).
From any client, uses the Xvnc server on a remote Trusted Extensions system to display the server's multilevel session back to the client.
Log in remotely to a Trusted Extensions system.
Assumes a role on the remote system to administer it.

Note - Consult your security policy to determine which methods of remote administration are permissible at your site.