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Trusted Extensions Configuration and Administration

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Updated: March 2019

How to Configure a Zone as a Single-Level Print Server

Before You Begin

The zone must not be sharing an IP address with the global zone. You must be in the System Administrator role in the global zone.

  1. Log in to the zone that will be the print server for that label.
  2. Define the characteristics of every connected printer.

    Follow Step 1 through Step 6 in How to Configure a Multilevel Print Server and Its Printers to configure your zone printer.

    The attached printers can print jobs only at the label of the zone.

  3. Test the printer.

    Note - For security reasons, files with an administrative label, ADMIN_HIGH or ADMIN_LOW, print ADMIN_HIGH on the body of the printout. The banner and trailer pages are labeled with the highest label and compartments in the label_encodings file.

    As root and as a regular user, perform the following steps:

    1. Print text and PostScript files from the command line.
      # lp /etc/motd ~/PostScriptTest.ps
      % lp $HOME/file1.txt $HOME/PublicTest.ps
    2. Print files from your applications, such as mail, your text editor, Adobe Reader, and your browser.
    3. Verify that banner pages, trailer pages, and body page labels print correctly.

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