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SPARC Assembly Language Reference Manual

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Updated: November 2020

Using This Documentation

  • Overview – The SPARC assembler translates source files that are in assembly language format into object files for linking into executables on Oracle Solaris SPARC platforms.

    The assembler is a tool for producing program modules intended to exploit features of the SPARC platform in ways that cannot be easily done using high level languages and their compilers.

    The choice of assembly language for the development of program modules depends on the extent to which and the ease with which the language allows the programmer to control the architectural features of the processor.

    The assembly language described in this manual offers full direct access to the SPARC instruction set and Solaris macro preprocessors to achieve full macro-assembler capability. Furthermore, the assembler responds to directives that allow the programmer control over the contents of the relocatable object file.

    This document describes the language in which the source files must be written. The nature of the machine mnemonics governs the way in which the program's executable portion is written. This document includes descriptions of the pseudo operations that allow control over the object file. This facilitates the development of programs that are easy to understand and maintain.

  • Audience – This manual is intended for experienced SPARC assembly language programmers who are familiar with the SPARC platform.

  • Required knowledge – You should also become familiar with the following:

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