2 About Billing Care Architecture

This chapter provides an overview of Oracle Communications Billing Care architecture.

About Billing Care Architecture

Billing Care is an application deployed to an Oracle WebLogic Server domain. Customizations are deployed to the same domain as a customizations shared library. A Billing Care deployment plan, referencing this customizations shared library, implements your customizations.

Users connect to Billing Care with a web browser where modules are presented for performing billing and customer care operations. See "About Billing Care Modules" for more information about modules.

Billing Care's REST framework communicates with web browsers, and Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management (BRM) using a connection pool to the Connection Manager.

Figure 2-1 shows the described architecture in a topological view.

Figure 2-1 Billing Care Topology

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About the Billing Care REST Framework

The REST framework includes several modules used to perform billing and customer care transactions with BRM. Each module consists of four tiers, each with its own set of responsibilities:

  • The Resource tier manages RESTful client requests and responses.

  • The Module tier coordinates transformation of RESTful operations and payload into BRM native formats.

  • The Worker tier contains methods for converting data between Billing Care and BRM formats.

  • The PCM tier manages the connections between Billing Care and the BRM Connection Manager.

Figure 2-2 shows the Billing Care REST framework tiers and a sample Account module. The column on the left describes the tiers in general. The column on the right provides a specific example of the tiers for the Account REST module where:

  • The Account Resource is the Resource tier.

  • The PCMAccountModule is the Module tier.

  • The AccountWorker is the Worker tier.

  • The PCM tier is represented as the same in both columns as connections to BRM are shared by all resources.

Figure 2-2 Billing Care REST Framework

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About Open Source Libraries Used by Billing Care

Billing Care is a web-based application built using the open source libraries listed in Table 2-1. A description on how each library is used is provided. For more information on each library, see the library specific documentation at the provided links.

Table 2-1 Open Source Libraries Used for Billing Care

Library Description


General purpose API and DOM manipulation. For more information on jQuery, see:



For inserting HTML pages (templates) into the application (browser DOM). For more information on Underscore, see:



Dynamic loading of modules (JavaScript, HTML). For more information on RequireJS, see:



Provides data binding between JavaScript view models and HTML views. Changes in the view are automatically reflected in the view model, and vice versa. For more information on Knockout, see:



Provides the basis for the REST web services. For more information on Jersey, see: